Monday, 4 June 2012

WebSphere Portal8.0 artifacts affected by managed pages

You can manage all types of portal pages, including pages that use the Portal 8.0 theme, dynamic pages, and static pages.

To take advantage of all the features available to managed pages in the user interface, you must use pages that use the WebSphere® Portal 8.0 theme.

The following portal artifacts are affected by managed pages support:

  • Portal pages, including page properties, metadata, and layout settings
  • Access control that you grant to portal pages
  • Public wires connecting portlets on the same page or on different pages
  • Portlet preferences made in the Edit Shared Settings mode
The following portal artifacts are not affected by managed pages support and so are not available for versioning or syndication:
  • Composite applications
  • Explicitly derived pages
  • Private pages
  • Personalization rules that are defined in Personalization and not in Web Content Manager
  • Tags and ratings
  • Themes and skins
  • URL mappings
  • Artifacts that are stored in the WebDAV file store by portlets or iWidgets
  • WSRP Producers

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