Monday, 4 June 2012

Theme module definitions in Webspshere portal server 8.0



theme.json: Module definitions for wp_theme_portal_80.
  • wp_theme_edit
  • wp_theme_menus
  • wp_theme_portal_80
  • wp_theme_skin_region
  • wp_theme_high_contrast
dojo17.json: Module definitions for dojo, dijit and dojox from version 1.7.2.

oneui30.json: Module definitions for OneUI version 3.0.1.
  • wp_one_ui_30
  • wp_one_ui_30_dijit



These are the three module profiles that define which modules are loaded when a page is loaded.
  • profile_deferred.json: This profile is optimized for performance. This profile uses deferred modules that are loaded only one time Edit mode is entered, one example is Dojo.
  • profile_full.json: All modules required for the theme are loaded, with no deferred modules.
  • profile_lightweight.json: This profile contains the minimal modules needed for rendering a page.
  • profile_admin.json: All modules required for the Administration page

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