Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Debugging modules in Webspshere portal server

You can debug your modules to improve performance.
You can enable a trace string so that debugging is enabled for all users. Or you can set a specific cookie so that debugging is only enabled for that user’s cookie.
  1. Enable tracing via trace string.
    1. To debug a module or theme, enable portal tracing using the following trace string:

This string loads the modules using separate links and script tags, isolating each one independently. It also loads debug versions of each contribution if the module definition has defined a debug version. Typically, the debug version is an uncompressed version of the <script> tag containing the same data as the normal version.

Both using separate links and using uncompressed <script> tags makes it easier to debug a running Portal environment from the browser.
  1. Enable tracing using cookies.
    1. Open WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console.
    2. Select Resources -> Resource Environment -> Resource Environment Providers.
    3. Select the WP ConfigService resource environment provider.
    4. Click custom properties.
    5. Change the resourceaggregation.client.debug.mode.allowed entry to true.
    6. Save the changes.
    7. Restart the portal server.
When a user sets a cookie named com.ibm.portal.resourceaggregator.client.debug.mode to true, debug versions of module contributions are loaded if defined and modules are loaded using separate links and script tags.

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