Monday, 4 June 2012

Enable and Disable Managed pages in Webspshere Portal Srever 8.0

By default, managed page is enabled in websphere portal server 8.0.

I ran the following commands to disable the managed pages.

ConfigEngine.bat disable-managed-pages -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin -DWasPassword=wpsadmin

Do not attempt to enable managed pages on a server where managed pages are already enabled. If you previously disabled managed pages and want to re-enable the feature, you must ensure that the Portal Site library is empty first. If you fail to remove page artifacts from the previous configuration, the resulting portal might not work properly.

Disabling managed pages has the following effects:
  • By default, each virtual portal has its own specific workspace where content is stored. When you disable managed pages, only a single workspace for the default virtual portal is available. The workspaces of other virtual portals are still there, but you can no longer access them. Any system associations between pages in those virtual portals and their respective Portal Site libraries no longer work.
Important: To preserve content in the other virtual portals, you must import or syndicate the libraries into the default virtual portal before disabling managed pages.
  • You can still access the Portal Site library for the default virtual portal, but the library is no longer automatically synchronized with the page structure.
  • Pages are no longer managed in IBM® Web Content Manager, with the following implications:
    • No page drafts can be created.
    • No new versions of pages can be created.
    • Pages are no longer syndicated.
    • Access control changes that you perform in the portal interface are no longer applied to the portal page site area.
    • If you delete a page from the portal interface, the corresponding portal page site area is not deleted.
I deleted the content in Portal Site library and then ran the following commands

ConfigEngine.bat enable-managed-pages -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin -DWasPassword=wpsadmin

ConfigEngine.bat create-page-nodes -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin -DWasPassword=wpsadmin

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