Monday, 4 June 2012

Custom Page templates in Websphere portal server 8.0

You can configure a template page like any portal page and add pre-configured portlets. Whenever a new page is created from the template, the page layout, portlets, and portlet configuration from the template are copied to the new page. You can also associate a page template with a community in IBM® Connections or with a site area in IBM Web Content Manager. When such a association is present, pages created from the template can automatically create the associated community or site area.

Important: When a new page is created from a template, no reference to the template page used to create the page is maintained. This means that all changes that you apply to a template page after pages have been created from this template are not propagated to any of the pages that already exist.

  1. Click Administration -> Manage Pages.
  2. Click Content Root -> Hidden Pages -> Page Templates.
  3. Create the page to be used as a template by clicking New Page or New Page from.

    • New Page creates a standard portal page. Specify a title for the page and any other page characteristics, as you would for a standard portal page.
    • New Page from creates the page from an existing template. Specify a title for the page and any other page characteristics. If you intend to add a content association to the template, ensure that you specify a friendly URL for the page. Select the page template to use as the basis for the new template.
  1. Save the new template.
  2. Make any further updates to the template that you require. This might include changes like adding portlets, adjusting the layout, setting page parameters, adding wires, or adding associations to a Web Content Manager site area or IBM Connections community.

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