Monday, 4 June 2012

Page templates in Websphere Portal server 8.0

Portal includes templates that are available for immediate use, Basic and Articles. You can also create templates and add them to the site toolbar.

Both the Basic and Articles templates are managed pages page. Managed pages are stored in a IBM Web Content Manager library called Portal Site.
Basic portal page
When you create a page, you can select a page template. The default page template is Basic for the basic portal page. When you create a page using this template, you can add portlets, content, and more to the page.
The articles template has two portlets that display content, Articles and List of Articles. This type of portlet is referred to as a content viewer portlet.

There is also a content association between the two portlets. The List of Articles portlet displays a list of the articles stores in the page site area. You can select an article from the list and it displays in the Article portlet

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