Monday, 28 July 2014

Webdav in WebSphere Portal Server 8.5

The HTTP Basic Authentication Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) must be enabled to use WebDAV in WebSphere Portal. This TAI is enabled by default. The TAI is responsible only if none of the patterns in the black lists match and at least one of the patterns in one of the white lists match. Therefore, if the TAI is configured with empty white lists, it will never authenticate a request. By default in whitelist, /wps/mycontenthandler/* is added.


WebDav root url for theme is :



Main predefined root folder

  • themes -Use this folder to store resources that are associated to themes, such as theme templates. Typically, each subfolder represents one theme.
  • skins - Use this folder to store global skins. Typically, each subfolder of this folder represents one global skin.
  • layout-templates - Use this folder to store templates for layouts that can be used by individual themes. Typically, each subfolder represents one layout template.
  • common-resources - Use this folder to share common resources between different themes, so that they can be managed in a single place.
  • Iwidgets - Use this folder to place widgets into it.

WebDAV prevents the deletion of these folders. Even users with administrator rights cannot delete these folders and the data in them. All users have view access to all resources in these folders. It includes both anonymous users and authenticated users.To give users write access to resources contained in these folders, assign the users MANAGER role on the virtual resource THEME MANAGEMENT in portal access control. Managers can create, modify, or delete such resources







Other predefined root folders

Following folders can be accessed using the Remote Model function provided by the Enabler API:

  • public - All authenticated users have read and write access to this folder.Anonymous users have read access only.
  • users - All authenticated users have read access only to this folder.Anonymous users have read access only.

internal folder

  • system - The system folder is reserved for system internal information. Administrators can view this folder in WebDAV. Other portal users cannot view this folder. Portal access control mapping: None.

None of the folders listed here can be deleted, not even by an administrator.

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