Friday, 18 July 2014

Registering external users with Profiles

There are three ways to register a user. All methods set the value of mode to external to denote an external user. Choose the method that is appropriate for how your LDAP and environment are set up. Once you register a user as either internal or external, you cannot change it. If you must update an external user so that they are registered as internal, then you must delete the external user and re-create that user as an internal user. External users must be populated into your organization's LDAP before they can be populated into Profiles. If you update Tivoli Directory Integrator to enable external users, then by default the string - External User is appended to the display name of an external user. This string makes it possible to identify which users are external users, and can be customized.

1. Map a standard LDAP attribute for external users
Register an external user by editing the value of the mode property using 1:1 mapping.

2. Map a standard LDAP attribute using JavaScript
Register an external user by deriving the value of the LDAP property that is mapped to mode from a JavaScript function (complex mapping).

3. Use an LDAP branch to store external users
If your external users are stored in a separate LDAP branch, you can use that branch to populate the Profiles database with those users.

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