Thursday, 10 July 2014

Redirect to different page after login in Wps8.5

In the theme the login link points to a protected URL to the home page of the default portal installation. If you remove this page, or if you want your users to be directed to a different page after login, modify the theme by the following procedure.

1.      Open the file PortalServer_root/theme/wp.theme.themes/default85/installedApps/DefaultTheme85.ear/DefaultTheme85.war/themes/html/dynamicSpots/commonActions.jsp .

2.      Locate the line: <portal-navigation:urlGeneration allowRelativeURL="true" keepNavigationalState="false" contentNode="wps.content.root" home="protected" >

3.      Change wps.content.root to the unique name of the page(com.sample.testpage) to which you want your users to be directed after logging in.

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