Monday, 28 July 2014

Troubleshooting data for WebDAV with IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5

Enabling trace logging can be done either two ways.

Enabling Static tracing

1. Log into the Integrated Solutions Console as the WebSphere Application Server administrator.

2. Click Troubleshooting->Logs and Trace->WebSphere_Portal->Diagnostic Trace.

3. On the Configuration tab, ensure Enable Log is selected. On this same tab, ensure you increase the Maximum File Size and and Maximum Number of Historical Files as needed to ensure that the tracing of the problem recreation is not overwritten due to the amount of traffic on the system and output of the tracing itself.

4. Click Change Log Level Details and enter the following trace string:******=all

5. Click OK and save the changes.
6. Restart the WebSphere_Portal application server.

Enabling dynamic tracing
Dynamic tracing can be used for situations that do not permit a server restart.

1. Log in as the Portal administrator.

2. Click Administration->Portal Analysis->Enable Tracing. The Enable Tracing portlet appears.

3. Type the required trace string into the field Append these trace settings:******=all

4. Click the Add icon. Enable Tracing updates the field Current trace settings.
Note: Restarting WebSphere Portal will remove traces that were set by using the Enable Tracing Administration portlet.

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