Saturday, 19 July 2014

Global administrator in IBM Connection

A user who has all admin role in all ibm connection applications is termed as global administrator. A global administrator can edit and remove objectionable content. The Moderation feature can help this process, but not all components implement Moderation. Also, although some wsadmin commands can be helpful with removing objectionable content, they do not cover all situations. For example, when the only Owner of, for example, an activity or community, leaves the organization or is away for an extended time period, the Global Administrator can add more owners and even replace the original owner. The global administrator role is not supported on mobile devices. Global administrators must use a supported browser.

Application name

What can be done in application

Which role need to set in the application


Access any activity that is returned by search

Open any activity bu using a URL address

Modify any activity

Delete any activity or entry

See private entries. They cannot change privacy settings.

Restore any activity or entry from the Trash.

Add, remove, and change permissions of activity members. (For a community activity, the administrator must be a community member to make membership changes.)

admin, search-admin

Blogs and Ideation blogs

Configure administration settings

Edit any blog or blog entry

Delete any blog, entry, or comment



Remove unwanted links

There is no way to create a comparable administrator for Bookmarks. However, adding a user to the Java EE search-admin role allows that user to see any bookmark in Bookmark search results. Any administrator can use the Bookmarks wsadmin commands to remove unwanted links from the Bookmarks application.


Editor access on all files



Edit, update, or delete any forum, forum topic, or reply.


Home page

Administer site-wide settings for the Home page from the Home page administration user interface or by using the wsadmin client.

Add custom widgets for use on the Home page

Enable and disable widgets

Enable and disable the My Page view



Register a new application or source type so that it is displayed in the IBM Connections user interface.

Update, enable, or disable an application registration.

Check out/check in News repository configuration files.

Remove single or multiple reply-to IDs.

Remove all microblog and associated data for a community from the News repository.

Synchronize news data with other applications.

Return an XML synchronization report of the community resources that are held in the News repository.

Return information about a scheduled task.

Delete any status update and comment on status updates in the system, including community status updates.

Create a status update in any community.

Change the status update settings in any community.

View the Activity Stream feed from any community



Delete photos

Edit user About Me and Background information

Activate or deactivate any profile Edit core user attributes



Search in any application returns all content. For example, a search in Communities returns private communities even if you are not a member.



Search returns all content

Create, edit, read, and delete any content

Remove a wiki creator from wiki membership



Access to all communities, public, or restricted.

admin-Communities, Activities, Blogs, Files, Forums, and Wikis.

search-admin -Search. communities-config.xml contains the "admin" block of grant statements and is not commented out.

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