Saturday, 19 July 2014

External users can do and cannot do

Can do

  • Have access to communities and blogs application only.
  • Collaborate fully as members in communities, for example you can follow communities
  • View and download files that are shared with you
  • Edit files in IBM Docs
  • Join meetings that you are invited to
  • See an activity stream to which you have access
  • View business cards of anyone that shares content with you
  • Share files with people
  • Edit your profile to update your personal information, including your contact details, tags, and links to other sites. Add other information about yourself in About me, upload a photo, or add a recording of how to pronounce your name.
  • View other user's business cards. From a business card, you can send an email or download the vcard.

Cannot do

  • Be a community owner
  • Be a member of a community group
  • Create a community
  • Follow people
  • See public microblogs
  • See public or moderated communities
  • See public files
  • See or search the company directory (including using type-ahead) to find people
  • See recommended content or people
  • Access the Profiles menu.
  • Access other user profiles
  • See community metrics
  • Cannot post a status message on the home page, or see status messages posted outside of communities. Some organization-specific information (such as recommended people and content) may also not display for external users.
  • Have reduced menu options on the home page; they can only see the Discover top level view and the I'm Following/Tags view
  • Do not get a sharebox at top of the activity stream.
  • Cannot post directly to people in the global sharebox. However, external users can post directly to their community.
  • See a reduced widget set (external users cannot see the recommendations widget).
  • Cannot search the profiles filter on main search bar.
  • Since external users do not have a wall, you cannot receive messages from other users.

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