Sunday, 28 December 2014

Scheduler task through XML Access

In xml, task tag is used for Scheduling the cleanup of portal resources and the administration of federated tags. Cleanup refers to the deletion of portal pages and all page-dependent resources that are marked for deletion. Specify one or more tasks to be run immediately or at specified intervals. The scheduling interval parameters dayOfMonth and dayOfWeek are optional and are mutually exclusive. Each scheduling interval parameter requires a value for the parameter startTime. If you want to run a task daily, use only the parameter startTime.

Name of task
This task cleans up portal resources. If you specify this task without a scheduling interval parameter, portal resource cleanup is done immediately when you run the XML script.
This task synchronizes collaborative data, including tag categorization information that is provided by Web Content Manager tagging. If you specify this task without a scheduling interval parameter, the portal does a resource cleanup immediately when you run the XML script.
This task refreshes iWidget definitions that are stored in WebSphere® Portal. Refreshing iWidget definitions refers to reloading the iWidget definition XML files and updating the corresponding iWidget Wrapper portlet clones. Tip: To call this task directly, run the following portal configuration task: refresh-iwidget-definitions.
This task removes temporary credential vault slots that were created by the federated documents wizard and were not used for at least 3 hours.
This task retrieves tags and related data from federated tagging providers. IBM® Connections is an example of a federated tagging provider.
This task removes federated tags and related data from WebSphere Portal. It is recommended to start the task when federation of tasks is no longer required.

If you want the task to run monthly, specify a number from 1 to 31. If the number you specify is higher than the last day of the month, the cleanup is done on the last day of the month. For example, specifying a value of 31 sets the task to run on January 31, the last day of February, March 31, April 30, and so on.
If you want the task to run weekly, specify a number from 1 to 7, where 1 is equivalent to Monday and 7 is equivalent to Sunday.
If you specified a scheduling interval of dayOfMonth or dayOfWeek, you must specify the time of day at which you want the task to start. Use the format HH:MM to specify a value from 0:00 to 23:59. You do not need to include leading zeros, for example 4:45. To run the task daily, use this parameter only; do not use the parameters dayOfMonth or dayOfWeek.

<request type="update" xmlns:xsi=""
            <portal action="locate">
<!-- Runs once, starts immediately -->
                        <task action="create" name=""/>
<!-- Runs daily at 12:30
                        <task action="create" name="">
<!-- Runs monthly, at the latest time possible
                        <task action="create"  name="">
<!-- Runs weekly, on early Friday morning
                        <task action="create"  name="">


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