Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New definition XML configuration interface in WebSphere Portal Server 8.5

XML syntax definitions for different WebSphere Portal versions are:

WebSphere Portal version
XML Schema
Version 7.0.0
Version 8.0.0
Version 8.5

The later XML schemas are backward compatible with earlier supported versions of WebSphere Portal. This means that you can run XML scripts from earlier portal versions that IBM supports under a later version of the portal. For example, you can run an XML script that is based on the PortalConfig_7.0.0.xsd under portal Version 8.5. In such cases a warning message is written to the output script, which informs that a previous version of the XML schema was used.

If the schema is enhanced during a portal version, the name includes additional ID information to ensure unique schema file names: PortalConfig_portal_version_number_id.xsd. Example: PortalConfig_7.0.0_2.xsd.

In WebSphere Portal Version 8.5 the following new resource tags have been introduced:

New XML configuration interface tags in portal Version 8.5
Tag specifies the following type of portal resource
a device class
a section containing the cross-page wire settings that are set as global targets
a global target

The following attributes that have been added to WebSphere Portal for Version 8.5:
  • A new boolean flag system has been introduced for content-mapping tags.
  • You can now set parameter sections for task nodes.
  • A new attribute target-portletdefinitionref has been introduced on cross-page-wire items,.

event-handler attribute is removed in version 8.5.

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