Monday, 28 April 2014

Include a file link in reply to a status update in IBM Connections 4.5

By default, reply to a status update doesn't have add a file option.

After installing CR4,run the following configuration task to be enable "Add a File"


To enable, please add this generic property into LotusConnections-Config.xml:
  1. 1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\bin
  2. 2. Run wsadmin -lang jython -user admin_user_id -password admin_password -port SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS_PORT
  3. Run execfile("")
  4. Run LCConfigService.checkOutConfig("C:/temp",AdminControl.getCell()).In LotusConnections-config.xml,add the following files.

<genericProperty name="">enabled</genericProperty>


5. LCConfigService.checkInConfig("C:/temp",AdminControl.getCell())

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