Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Different Modes of administrative commands

Two run modes are always available for each administrative command, namely the batch and interactive mode. When you use an administrative command in interactive mode, you go through a series of steps to collect your input interactively. This process provides users a text-based wizard and a similar user experience to the wizard in the administrative console. You can also use the help command to obtain help for any administrative command and the AdminTask object.

The administrative commands do not replace any existing configuration commands or running object management commands but provide a way to access these commands and organize the inputs. The administrative commands can be available in connected or local mode. The set of available administrative commands is determined when you start a scripting client in connected or local mode. If a server is running, it is not recommended that you run the scripting client in local mode because any configuration changes made in local mode are not reflected in the running server configuration and vice versa. If you save a conflicting configuration, you could corrupt the configuration.

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