Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Different levels of online help in AdminTask Object

You can select from three levels of online help for administrative commands.

The top-level help provides general information for the AdminTask object and associated commands. The second-level help provides information about all of the available administrative commands and command groups. The third-level help provides specific help on a command group, a command, or a step. Command group-specific help provides descriptions for the command group that you specify and the commands that belong to the associated group. Command-specific help provides description for the specified command, and associated parameters and steps. Step-specific help provides a description for the specified step and the associated parameters. For command and step-specific help, required parameters are marked with an asterisk (*) in the help output.

To obtain general help,


To list the available command groups,


To list the available commands,

copyResourceAdapter - copy the specified J2C resource adapter to the specified scope
createCluster - Creates a new application server cluster.
createClusterMember - Creates a new member of an application server cluster.
createJ2CConnectionFactory - Create a J2C connection factory
deleteCluster - Delete the configuration of an application server cluster.
deleteClusterMember - Deletes a member from an application server cluster.
listConnectionFactoryInterfaces - list all of the
defined connection factory interfaces on the
specified J2C resource adapter.
listJ2CConnectionFactories - List J2C connection factories that have a specified
connection factory interface defined in the specified J2C resouce adapter
createJ2CAdminObject - Create a J2C administrative object.

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