Monday, 19 May 2014

Theme Analyzer in WebSphere Portal Server 8.5

In WPS 8.5,new click  called "Theme Analyzer " is introduced under Portal Analysis.

Use the Theme Optimization Analyzer to view, but not edit, all parts of the theme optimization framework inside of WebSphere Portal. With the portlet, you can easily see which pages have specific profiles that are set or inherited. You can also see which profiles are available and belong to which theme.

Additionally you can browse and explore all aspects of the available modules: You can see what modules are loaded for a specific profile or all modules of the whole system. You can drill down into the dependency hierarchy to understand interdependencies and get different views on it, such as a parent view. The module explorer also features a rich search set so that you can easily find modules that contribute certain resources or capabilities, or browse all exposed data.

Click "Theme Analyzer".

Modules of theme analyzer are:
  1. Examine page profiles
  2. Examine modules
  3. Examine contributions
  4. Examine capabilities
  5.  Validation reports
  6. Utilities

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