Monday, 19 May 2014

Examine page profiles in theme analyzer in WebSphere Portal Server 8.5

Using Examine page profile information ,we can can get whole page hierarchy of the system .

Per page information about the themes and profiles is also obtained.

When you select the Examine page profile information on the Home screen, screen is divided into two.Left hand side is called tree view and right hand side is called page details view.

The page details view displays details for the selected page as well as the theme and profile that are used on the page. If a theme or profile is inherited, it is displayed in parentheses after the theme or profile name. When a theme or profile is set specifically, no comment is displayed.

When you expand a tree or branch, if it is large and takes more than 30 seconds to expand, the expansion process is stopped. You must expand those branches individually.


Expand manually "Portlet management"

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