Sunday, 18 September 2011

Unsupported features In Websphere portal server 7.0

Ø      Exchange, Domino, and POP3 are no longer supported protocols in the Common Mail portlet.
Ø      RSS portlet and IBM Feed Reader portlet are no longer shipped.
Ø      The Common Calendar portlet is no longer being shipped.
Ø      Document Manager-With this version of WebSphere Portal, Document Manager is no longer available. If you need to keep using a document library, then you will need to move your document library to a IBM Lotus® Quickr server.
Ø      Workflow for composite applications is no longer supported in this version.
Ø      Integration with WebSphere Process Server using the WebSphere Process Server Client and the My Processes and My Tasks portlets is being deprecated. It will be no longer supported in future releases.Instead, the integration with Process Server can be achieved using the  IBM WebSphere Portal Unified Task List portlet, which simplifies the system setup and improves consumability.
Ø      The following collaborative portlets are no longer included with WebSphere Portal:
·        My Lotus QuickPlaces
·        Inline QuickPlace
·        Domino Document Manager
·        Lotus Web Conferencing
Ø      The following legacy sample portlets are no longer provided:
·        SPFLegacyBlank.war
·        SPFLegacyClock.war
·        SPFLegacyCommandManager.war
·        SPFLegacyEditMode.war
·        SPFLegacyFileUpload.war
·        SPFLegacyLookupAction.war
·        SPFLegacyMailReader.war
·        SPFLegacyMultipleServletContexts.war
·        SPFLegacyStockQuote.war
·        SPFLegacyTiles.war
·        SPFLegacyTransformation.war
Ø      The Microsoft Exchange 2000 portlet application is no longer included. This portlet application contained the following portlets:
·        MS Exchange 2000 Mail Portlet
·        MS Exchange 2000 Calendar Portlet
·        MS Exchange 2000 Tasks Portlet
·        MS Exchange 2000 Contacts Portlet
·        MS Exchange 2000 Notes Portlet
Ø      The transcoding technology previously provided with WebSphere Portal has been discontinued with this version.
Ø      The following browsers are no longer supported in this version:
·        Mozilla
·        Netscape
Ø      The JACL syntax for the Portal Scripting Interface has been replaced by Jython syntax in WebSphere Portal version 7.0. The JACL syntax is still supported, but this support will be discontinued in the future.
Ø      HP UX is no longer supported in version 7.0.

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