Saturday, 16 July 2011

Difference between WAS and WPS

WPS(Websphere Portal Server)
WAS(Websphere Application Server)
It is one of enterprise Application in WAS(wps.ear)
It provides platform of WPS
It is depend on database
It is not depend on database
Provides very good  personalization
Personalization   is limited to each application
Configuration / personalization data’s are stored in database ,XML and property files
Configuration  data’s are stored in XML and property files
WPS can do only authorization
WPS Authecation is done in WAS
Performance Measurement about page/portlet is not measured  in WPS
Performance Measurement about page/portlet is measured in WAS.
Only war files can be deployed
Both war/ear files can de deployed
Can develop only portlet  application
Can develop Plain J2EE application, advanced J2EE Application. Using portlet container in WAS6.1, we can develop portlet application.
In WebSphere Portal, you cannot directly access a portlet through a URL.
Portlet is directly accessible using URL
Security role references are not maintained in WebSphere Portal Server.
Security role references are currently only supported by WebSphere Application Server.

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